Math 235.04 Spring 06 Introduction to Linear Algebra

  • Textbook : David C. Lay, Linear Algebra and its applications, Third edition, Addison-Wesley, 2003
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    Learning Goals: The main theme of linear algebra is how to solve systems of linear equations. Since linear systems are geometrically and computationally very useful, linear algebra is a fundamental tool of mathematics with wide application throught the sciences  image processing, predator-prey models, and Google PageRank are just a few examples of linear algebra in use.

    Your main learning goals are the following:

    Time permitting, several applications of linear algebra will be discussed.
    Advice: In almost every class, new algorithms and abstract concepts will be introduced. Unless you prepare yourself by reading the textbook with a pencil before each class, it is likely that you will feel this course too fast and too abstract to follow.
    Exams: There will be two midterm exams in class and one final exam. All exams will be closed book. You will be allowed to bring in a single handwritten index card. Their tentative dates and coverings are the following:
    Tentative Schedule:
    The instructor may divert from the tentative schedule by skipping/adding certain topics or going slower/faster, depending on the class progress.
    Homework: In each week, homework will be due at the end of the lecture on Thursday, unless mentioned otherwise. Three lowest grades will be dropped. Usually, you will have about 10 problems in each week.

    Check the tentative schedule web page regularly to find the updated list of homework problems.

    You are encouraged to work together, but your solutions should reflect your own understanding; i.e., you do not copy solutions from somewhere else, and your supporting work for each problem is of your own words. In writing up homework, you have to give enough detail to show how you get the answer.

    Your solutions should be written neatly and follow the order of the problems as listed. If you need to put them out of order, you have to make appropriate notes. Pages must be stapled in the upper-left.

    Quiz: There will be a weekly quiz at the end of the lecture on Thursday, unless otherwise mentioned. Usually, it will cover all the topics of the homework assignment due in the same week and more recent topics in class. All quizzes will be closed book. Three lowest grades will be dropped.
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