Calculus II:Information for Math 132 Section 6

Homework : Will be posted on and will be due on each TA session, unless mentioned otherwise. The homework will be graded by a grader.
Quiz : A few problems will be given weekly by the TA or by the instructor and topics and dates will be posted on , unless mentioned otherwise. Problems will be similar to ones in the old exams or the homework. The quiz will be graded by the instructor and will be returned in a quick manner.
Your grade on the instructor's part (20% of whole) will be calculated as follows:
Exams: You will need to use a calculator on Exam 1, Exam 2, and the Final Exam. No calculators will be allowed on the Symbolics Test. You may bring both sides of one letter size page with notes to the final. Please bring your ID on the exams. See the official course pages for full details on exams. Also note the make-up policy for exams. Check review and practice materials
Note: How do you show your own work?