The following image is displaying an original Japanese poem made by this person , or rather Dull-witted Trickster (the name translated from the meaning of his name written in Japanese).

The poem is somehow about the popular Kamo river in Kyoto Japan. The title in the right-most column is Kamo in katakana characters (Japanese phonetic characters). The second column is his name in Japanese. In the next four columns, the poem reads "Kamo niwa/Kamo ga iru/Ka-mo iru/Kamo shirenai"; roughly, "Kamo niwa" is "In (=niwa) Kamo river (=Kamo)", "Kamo ga iru" is "Ducks (=Kamo) live (=ga iru)", "Ka-mo iru" is "Mosquitos (= Ka) live too (mo iru)", and "Kamo shirenai" is "Probably". Enjoy!

Page made by So Okada .